Livestock grazing intensity in Kazakhstan from 2015 based on NPP and spatial allocation model, supplement to: Hankerson, Brett R; Schierhorn, Florian; Prishchepov, Alexander V; Dong, Changxing; Eisfelder, Christina; Müller, Daniel (2019): Modeling the spatial distribution of grazing intensity in Kazakhstan. PLoS ONE, 14(1), e0210051

Brett R Hankerson, Florian Schierhorn, Alexander V Prishchepov, Changxing Dong, Christina Eisfelder & Daniel Müller
We developed a spatial model that combines fine-scale livestock numbers with their associated energy requirements to distribute livestock grazing demand onto a map of energy supply, with the aim of estimating where and to what degree pasture is being utilized. We applied our model to Kazakhstan, which contains large grassland areas that historically have been used for extensive livestock production but for which the current extent, and thus the potential for increasing livestock production, is...
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