Widespread global peatland establishment and persistence for the last 130,99 years, supplement to: Treat, Claire C; Kleinen, Thomas; Broothaerts, Nils; Dalton, April S; Dommain, René; Douglas, Thomas A; Drexler, Judith; Finkelstein, Sarah A; Grosse, Guido; Hope, Geoffrey; Hutchings, Jack A; Jones, Miriam C; Kuhry, Peter; Lacourse, Terri; Lähteenoja, Outi; Loisel, Julie; Notebaert, Bastiaan; Payne, Richard J; Peteet, Dorothy M; Sannel, A Britta K; Stelling, Jonathan; Strauss, Jens; Swindles, Graeme T; Talbot, Julie; Tarnocai, Charles; Verstraeten, Gert; Williams, Christopher J; Xia, Zhengyu; Yu, Zicheng; Väliranta, Minna; Hättestrand, Martina; Alexanderson, Helena; Brovkin, Victor (2019): Widespread global peatland establishment and persistence over the last 130,000 y. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Claire C Treat, Nils Broothaerts, April S Dalton, René Dommain, Tom Douglas, Judith Drexler, Sarah A Finkelstein, Guido Grosse, Geoffrey Hope, Jack A Hutchings, Miriam C Jones, Thomas Kleinen, Peter Kuhry, Terri Lacourse, Outi Lähteenoja, Julie Loisel, Bastiaan Notebaert, Richard J Payne, Dorothy M Peteet, A Britta K Sannel, Jonathan Stelling, Jens Strauss, Graeme T Swindles, Julie Talbot, Charles Tarnocai … & Victor Brovkin
We present the first synthesis of global peatland extent through the last glacial cycle (130 ka) based on >975 detailed stratigraphic descriptions from exposures, soil pits, and sediment cores. Buried peats are defined as organic-rich sediments overlain by mineral sediments. Also included are deposits rich in wetland macrofossils indicated a local peatland environment.The dataset includes location (lat/long), chronologic information (when available), a description of the buried peat sediment, overlying and underlying sediments, whether geochemical information...
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