Planktic foraminiferal test size and size normalised weight from IODP site U1313, ODP site 999 and DSDP site 610 during the Pliocene, supplement to: Todd, Chloe; Schmidt, Daniela N; Robinson, Marci M; De Schepper, Stijn (accepted): Planktic foraminiferal test size and weight response to the late Pliocene environment. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Chloe Todd, Daniela N Schmidt, Marci M Robinson & Stijn De Schepper
Atmospheric carbon dioxide (pCO2atm) is impacting the ocean and marine organisms. To assess potential impacts of climate change on carbonate production in the open ocean, we measured size and weight of planktic foraminifers during the late Pliocene at pCO2atm concentrations comparable to today and temperatures 2 to 3 °C warmer. Size of all foraminifers was measured at Atlantic Ocean DSDP Site 610, ODP Site 999, and IODP Site U1313. Test size was smaller during the...
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