Photos of fresh and dried glass sponges (Anoxycalyx joubini, Rossella cf. nuda, Rossella cf. vanhoeffeni, Rossella sp.) collected during POLARSTERN cruise PS82 (ANT-XXIX/9) in the Weddell Sea

Luisa Federwisch
The gear used for collection was an Agassiz Trawl at station PS82/349-1, a Rauschert Dredge at station PS82/351-1, and a Bottom Trawl at all other stations. Details about the gear and collection can be found in the Cruise Report for PS82 by Knust & Schröder 2014.Spicule preparations of these sponges were made with 6 % sodium hypochlorite solution and examined with a light microscope (ZEISS Axioskop). Based on the spicules, Anoxycalyx joubini could clearly be...
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