Diatoms and silicoflagellates abundances in the sediment core A12-5 from Amur Bay (Japan Sea), supplement to: Tsoy, Ira B; Prushkovskaya, Irina; Aksentov, Kirill; Astakhov, Anatoly (2015): Environmental changes in the Amur Bay (Japan/East Sea) during the last 150 years revealed by examination of diatoms and silicoflagellates. Ocean Science Journal, 50(2), 433-444

Ira B Tsoy & Irina Prushkovskaya
Diatoms and silicoflagellates from sediments in Amur Bay (Japan Sea) were analyzed with high temporal resolution to examine changes over the last 150 years. The age of sediments was estimated from unsupported 210Pb controlled by 137Cs. Siliceous microalgae examined in each cm of two sediment cores demonstrated significant changes in the ecological structure of the assemblages that reflected changes in sedimentation conditions. The obtained data suggest that the environmental changes over the last 150 years...
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