Physiochemical data of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) samples in Awur Beach, Indonesia, supplement to: Adyasari, Dini; Hassenrück, Christiane; Oehler, Till; Sabdaningsih, Aninditia; Moosdorf, Nils (2019): Microbial community structure associated with submarine groundwater discharge in northern Java (Indonesia). Science of the Total Environment, 689, 590-601

Dini Adyasari, Christiane Hassenrück, Till Oehler, Aninditia Sabdaningsih & Nils Moosdorf
Groundwater discharge is known to transport nutrients into estuaries at several locations around the world. However, few studies report groundwater-associated nutrient fluxes from tropical developing regions such as Southeast Asia, even though this area shows the strongest human modifications in the coastal zone worldwide. We investigated groundwater nutrient flux into two streams and estuaries (Awur and Sekumbu Bay) in the urban area of Jepara, Indonesia, and its relation with the land usage surrounding the estuaries.We...
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