ArcCRUST: Arctic crustal thickness from 3D gravity inversion, links to files in NetCDF format, supplement to: Lebedeva-Ivanova, Nina; Gaina, Carmen; Minakov, Alexander; Kashubin, Sergei (2019): ArcCRUST: Arctic Crustal Thickness From 3‐D Gravity Inversion. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20(7), 3225-3247

Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova, Carmen Gaina, Alexander Minakov & Sergei Kashubin
The ArcCRUST model consists of crustal thickness and estimated crustal thinning factors grids for the High Arctic and Circum-Arctic regions (north of 67°N). This model is derived by using 3D forward and inverse gravity modelling. Updated sedimentary thickness grid, an oceanic lithosphere age model together with inferred microcontinent rifting ages, variable crystalline crust and sediment densities, and dynamic topography models constrain this inversion. We use published high-quality 2D seismic crustal-scale models to create a database...
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