Palynology, biomarkers and droplet digital PCR data from the Late Quaternary of Site GS15-198-38, Greenland Sea, supplement to: De Schepper, Stijn; Ray, Jessica L; Skaar, Katrine S; Sadatzki, Henrik; Ijaz, Umer Zeeshan; Stein, Ruediger; Larsen, Aud (2019): The potential of sedimentary ancient DNA for reconstructing past sea ice evolution. The ISME Journal

Stijn De Schepper, Jessica L Ray, Katrine S Skaar, Henrik Sadatzki, Umer Zeeshan Ijaz, Ruediger Stein & Aud Larsen
At Site GS15-198-38, Greenland Sea, we analysed the surface sample (from a multicore) and eight Late Quaternary samples from a Calypso core. The age model for the Calypso core GS15-198-38CC is based on seven AMS 14C ages down to 345 cm, and a 5-cm resolution N. pachyderma sinistral isotope stratigraphy (1) below that level. We analysed the palynology, generated organic biomarker data (including IP25, sterols) and performed quantitative PCR (droplet digital PCR, ddPCR) of the...
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