Glacial-geodetic long-term (1991-2014) measurements on elevation change, ice surface deformation, and ice flow velocity in the Swiss Camp area on the Greenland ice sheet, supplement to: Stober, Manfred; Hepperle, Jörg (2019): Glacial-geodetic long-term study on mass balance and ice dynamics near the equilibrium line of the Greenland ice sheet. Polarforschung, 88(2)

Manfred Stober
The recent acceleration of mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet as determined from large-scale, satellite-derived geodetic and gravimetric observations is well documented. However, longer-term in situ elevation change measurements are scarce. Here, we present a 23-year time series (1991 to 2014) of bi-annual in situ geodetic observations at two sites in West Greenland. Repeated GPS measurements at Swiss Camp (1170 m a.s.l.) and 15 km downglacier at site ST2 (1100 m a.s.l.) were used...
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