The middle to late Miocene \"Carbonate Crash\" in the equatorial Indian Ocean, supplement to: Lübbers, Julia; Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Holbourn, Ann; Bolton, Clara T; Gray, Emmeline; Usui, Yoichi; Kochhann, Karlos Guilherme Diemer; Beil, Sebastian; Andersen, Nils (2019): The Middle to Late Miocene \"Carbonate Crash\" in the Equatorial Indian Ocean. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34(5), 813-832

Julia Lübbers, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Ann Holbourn, Clara T Bolton, Emmeline Gray, Yoichi Usui, Karlos Guilherme Diemer Kochhann, Sebastian Beil & Nils Andersen
We integrate benthic foraminiferal stable isotopes, X-ray fluorescence elemental ratios, and carbonate accumulation estimates in a continuous sedimentary archive recovered at International Ocean Discovery Program Site U1443 (Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean) to reconstruct changes in carbonate deposition and climate evolution over the interval 13.5 to 8.2 million years ago. Declining carbonate percentages together with a marked decrease in carbonate accumulation rates after ~13.2 Ma signal the onset of a prolonged episode of reduced carbonate deposition....
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