Reflection seismic profiles, collected in the New Ireland Basin and the Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea, in 1994, supplement to: Gennerich, Hans-Hermann (2002): Der Tabar-Feni-Inselbogen und sein plattentektonisches Regime, oder Wie entsteht ein Inselbogen ohne eine aktive Subduktionszone. Geowissenschaften

Hans-Hermann Gennerich
During the research cruise SO-94 with the german research vessel "Sonne", these reflection seismic profiles were collected in March 1994 in Papua New Guinea in the New Ireland basin and the Manus basin. The survey is located between 2°S 151°E and 4°S 154°E. Equipment: Acoustic source was a GI-Gun (Seismic Systems Inc) with 2x1.5 liters volume, fired in a sequence with 30ms delay and dragged in 6m water depth. The collecting streamer had an active...
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