Holocene bulk and n-alkane organic geochemical proxies from cores MD05-2905 and GeoB16601-5 from the Northern South China Sea, supplement to: Contreras-Rosales, Lorena Astrid; Jennerjahn, Tim C; Steinke, Stephan; Mohtadi, Mahyar; Schefuß, Enno (2019): Holocene changes in biome size and tropical cyclone activity around the Northern South China Sea. Quaternary Science Reviews, 215, 45-63

Lorena Astrid Contreras-Rosales, Tim C Jennerjahn, Stephan Steinke, Mahyar Mohtadi & Enno Schefuß
The South China Sea (SCS), characterized by a large continental shelf, is located at the edge of the Asian monsoon domain. In this study, two marine sediment cores from the northern SCS (NSCS) continental slope were investigated to construct composite vegetation and precipitation isotopic composition records based on the δ13C and δD values of plant-wax n-alkanes throughout the Holocene (last 11,200 years; i.e. 11.2 ka). The composite δ13Cwax record indicates an overall predominance of C3...
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