Density and stratigraphy of firn at Lomonosovfonna derived from shallow cores in 1997-2015

Sergey Marchenko, Veijo A Pohjola, Rickard Pettersson, Ward van Pelt, Carmen Paulina Vega & Elisabeth Isaksson
The present dataset contains measurements of density and observations of stratigraphy in the subsurface snow/firn/ice done at Lomonosovfonna during 1997-2015. The variables are named according to the year, when the data was derived: "LF" for Lomonosovfonna and "NN" corresponds to the year, e.g. 97 - 1997, 07 - 2007. Most variables contain the following fields:rho* - density measurements: column 1 - depth of sample top, m; column 2 - depth of sample bottom, m; column...
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