In Situ Growth and Bioerosion Rates of Lophelia pertusa in a Norwegian Fjord and Open Shelf Cold-water Coral Habitat, supplement to: Büscher, Janina; Wisshak, Max; Form, Armin; Titschack, Jürgen; Nachtigall, Kerstin; Riebesell, Ulf (2019): In situ growth and bioerosion rates of Lophelia pertusa in a Norwegian fjord and open shelf cold-water coral habitat. PeerJ, 7, e7586

Janina Büscher, Max Wisshak, Armin Form, Jürgen Titschack, Kerstin Nachtigall & Ulf Riebesell
Coral reef resilience depends on the balance between carbonate precipitation, leading to reef growth, and carbonate degradation, e.g. through bioerosion. Changes in environmental conditions are likely to affect the two processes differently, thereby shifting the balance between reef growth and degradation. In cold-water corals estimates of accretion-erosion processes in their natural habitat are scarce and solely live coral growth rates were studied with regard to future environmental changes in the laboratory so far, limiting our...
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