Biomarkers (TEX86), planktic isotopes and XRF records of IODP Site 356-U1459 (Perth Basin), supplement to: De Vleeschouwer, David; Petrick, Benjamin F; Martínez‐García, Alfredo (2019): Stepwise weakening of the Pliocene Leeuwin Current. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(14), 8310-8319

David De Vleeschouwer, Benjamin F Petrick & Alfredo Martínez‐García
The Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) operates as an important link in global thermohaline circulation and ITF variability probably modulated Pliocene climate change. Yet, whether ITF variability accounted for oceanographic change south of Northwest Cape remains controversial. Here, we present a multi-proxy oceanographic reconstruction from the Perth Basin and reconstruct the Pliocene history of the Leeuwin Current (LC). We affirm the LC to be active throughout the Pliocene, albeit with fluctuations in intensity and scope. Three main...
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