Epibenthic megafauna characteristics in the Emerald Basin during CCGS Hudson cruise HUD-2011-010, supplement to: Hawkes, Nickolas; Korabik, Michelle; Beazley, Lindsay; Rapp, Hans Tore; Xavier, Joana R; Kenchington, Ellen L (2019): Glass sponge grounds on the Scotian Shelf and their associated biodiversity. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 614, 91-109

Nickolas Hawkes, Michelle Korabik, Lindsay Beazley, Hans Tore Rapp, Joana R Xavier & Ellen L Kenchington
Emerald Basin on the Scotian Shelf off Nova Scotia, Canada, is home to a globally unique population of the glass sponge Vazella pourtalesi. Through the analysis of both in situ photographs and trawl catch data from annual multispecies bottom-trawl surveys, we examined community composition, species density, and abundance of epibenthos and fish associated with V. pourtalesi compared to locations without this sponge. Using generalized linear models and analysis of similarities, the importance of V. pourtalesi...
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