Late Miocene model boundary condtions, supplement to: Knorr, Gregor; Butzin, Martin; Micheels, Arne; Lohmann, Gerrit (2011): A warm Miocene climate at low atmospheric CO2 levels. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(20)

Gregor Knorr, Martin Butzin, Arne Micheels & Gerrit Lohmann
Here we present Late Miocene (~11-7 Ma) model boundary conditions used by Knorr et al. [2011] in two files ( and These boundary conditions relate to Figure 1 in the corresponding study. The file (0.5°x 0.5° resolution) contains the orography (positive values and zero) and bathymetry (negative values). The file contains land surface conditions. Besides the glacier mask these surface conditions (3.75°x 3.75° resolution) contain the vegetation distribution that is represented by...
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