Surface ruptures database related to the 26 December 2018, MW 4.9 Mt. Etna earthquake, southern Italy, supplement to: Villani, Fabio; Pucci, Stefano; Azzaro, Raffaele; Civico, Riccardo; Cinti, Francesca Romana; Pizzimenti, Luca; Tarabusi, Gabriele; Branca, Stefano; Brunori, Carlo Alberto; Caciagli, Marco; Cantarero, Massimo; Cucci, Luigi; D'Amico, Salvatore; De Beni, Emanuela; De Martini, Paolo Marco; Mariucci, Maria Teresa; Montone, Paola; Nappi, Rosa; Nave, Rosella; Pantosti, Daniela; Ricci, Tullio; Sapia, Vincenzo; Smedile, Alessandra; Vallone, Roberto; Venuti, Alessandra (in review): Surface ruptures database related to the 26 December 2018, Mw 4.9 Mt. Etna earthquake (southern Italy). Scientific Data

Fabio Villani, Stefano Pucci, Raffaele Azzaro, Riccardo Civico, Francesca Romana Cinti, Luca Pizzimenti, Gabriele Tarabusi, Stefano Branca, Carlo Alberto Brunori, Marco Caciagli, Massimo Cantarero, Luigi Cucci, Salvatore D'Amico, Emanuela De Beni, Paolo Marco De Martini, Maria Teresa Mariucci, Paola Montone, Rosa Nappi, Rosella Nave, Daniela Pantosti, Tullio Ricci, Vincenzo Sapia, Alessandra Smedile, Roberto Vallone & Alessandra Venuti
We provide a database of the coseismic surface ruptures produced by the 26 December 2018 Mw 4.9 earthquake that struck the eastern flank of Mt. Etna (southern Italy), the largest active volcano in Europe. Despite its small size, this shallow earthquake caused an impressive system of coseismic surface ruptures extending about 8.5 km, along the trace of the NNW-trending active Fiandaca Fault. We performed detailed field surveys were performed in the epicentral region to describe...
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