North Atlantic Oscilation and East Atlantic pattern from DIs (NAODIs and EADIs), supplement to: Mellado-Cano, Javier; Barriopedro, David; García-Herrera, Ricardo; Trigo, Ricardo M; Hernández, Armand (2019): Examining the North Atlantic Oscillation, East Atlantic pattern and jet variability since 1685. Journal of Climate

Javier Mellado-Cano, David Barriopedro, Ricardo García-Herrera, Ricardo M Trigo & Armand Hernández
A Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) analysis was applied to the 1685-2014 winter series of the four DIs (Mellado-Cano et al. 2019) retaining the two first singular vectors (NAODIs and EADIs), which explain 44% and 35% of the total variance, respectively.
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