Supplemental Data for Climate of the Past article "Equatorial Pacific Carbonate cycles, 0-5 Ma: stratigraphy, dissolution, and paleoproductivity", supplement to: Lyle, Mitchell W; Drury, Anna Joy; Tian, Jun; Wilkens, Roy H; Westerhold, Thomas (2019): Late Miocene to Holocene high-resolution eastern equatorial Pacific carbonate records: stratigraphy linked by dissolution and paleoproductivity. Climate of the Past, 15(5), 1715-1739

Mitchell W Lyle, Anna Joy Drury, Jun Tian, Roy H Wilkens & Thomas Westerhold
Coherent variation of CaCO3 burial is a feature of the Cenozoic eastern equatorial Pacific. Nevertheless, there has been a long-standing ambiguity whether changes in CaCO3 dissolution or changes in equatorial primary production might cause the variability. Since productivity and dissolution leave distinctive regional signals, a regional synthesis of data using updated age models and high-resolution stratigraphic correlation is an important constraint to distinguish between dissolution and production as factors that cause low CaCO3. Furthermore the...
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