Coccolithophore abundance in cores 562, 563 and 569 during METEOR cruise M51/3 in the eastern Mediterranean, supplement to: Incarbona, Alessandro; Abu-Zied, Ramadan; Rohling, Eelco J; Ziveri, Patrizia (2019): Reventilation episodes during the sapropel S1 deposition in the eastern Mediterranean based on holococcolith preservation. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34(10), 1597-1609

Alessandro Incarbona, Ramadan Abu-Zied, Eelco J Rohling & Patrizia Ziveri
Organic-rich layers (sapropels), preserved in eastern Mediterranean marine sediment records, represent the most pronounced perturbations to thermohaline circulation and environmental conditions, in response to enhanced African monsoon activity and subsequent massive freshwater discharge into the basin. During the most recent event, sapropel S1 formed between 10.8 and 6.1 ka, when freshwater-driven stratification caused seafloor anoxia below ~ 1800 metres depth, as a result of both failure of deep water formation and enhanced productivity. Here we...
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