Sediment trap and sediment core diatom δ¹⁸O data from the Guaymas Basin covering an annual diatom bloom cycle and 220 years of sedimentation, supplement to: Menicucci, Anthony J; Thunell, Robert C; Spero, Howard J (2019): 220 year diatom δ¹⁸O reconstruction of the Guaymas Basin thermocline using microfluorination. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Anthony J Menicucci
The removal of exchangeable oxygen from diatom opal prior to diatom δ¹⁸O analysis is a crucial first step before analyzing frustule oxygen isotopes for paleoceanographic applications. We present the results of experiments that quantify the temperature dependent reactivity of biogenic silica with water under laboratory conditions. We quantified the equilibration between exchangeable oxygen in the diatom opal lattice by immersing samples from sediment traps (STS-1) and a sediment core (BC-43, sample from 11cm core depth)...
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