Ammonia data and its related species measured and simulated in the megacity of Beijing during November to December of 2016, supplement to: Ge, Baozhu; Xu, Xiaobin; Ma, Zhiqiang; Pan, Xiaole; Wang, Zhe; Lin, Weili; Ouyang, Bin; Xu, Danhui; Lee, James; Zheng, Mei; Ji, Dongsheng; Sun, Yele; Dong, Huabin; Squires, Freya Anne; Fu, Pingqing; Wang, Zifa (2019): Role of Ammonia on the Feedback Between AWC and Inorganic Aerosol Formation During Heavy Pollution in the North China Plain. Earth and Space Science (ESS), 6(9), 1675-1693

Baozhu Ge, Xiaobin Xu, Zhiqiang Ma, Xiaole Pan, Zhe Wang, Weili Lin, Bin Ouyang, Danhui Xu, James Lee, Mei Zheng, Dongsheng Ji, Yele Sun, Habit Dong, Freya Anne Squires, Pinging Fu & Zifa Wang
Atmospheric NH3 plays a vital role not only in the environmental ecosystem but also in atmosphere chemistry. To further understand the effects of NH3 on the formation of haze pollution in Beijing, ambient NH3 and related species were measured and simulated at high resolutions during the wintertime Air Pollution and Human Health-Beijing (APHH-Beijing) campaign in 2016. The excess NHx was calculated upon the equilibrium system of SO42--NO3--NH4+-water during this campaign. We applied ISORROPIA II model...
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