Stable carbon and oxygen isotopes, calcium sulfate content, and laser ablation Uranium-Lead dating of the Miocene alluvial-lacustrine Aktau succession in south-east Kazakhstan, supplement to: Frisch, Konstantin; Voigt, Silke; Verestek, Verena; Appel, Erwin; Albert, Richard; Gerdes, Axel; Arndt, Iris; Raddatz, Jacek; Voigt, Thomas; Weber, Yuki; Batenburg, Sietske J (2019): Long‐Period Astronomical Forcing of Westerlies' Strength in Central Asia During Miocene Climate Cooling. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34(11), 1784-1806

Konstantin Frisch, Silke Voigt, Verena Verestek, Erwin Appel, Richard Albert, Axel Gerdes, Iris Arndt, Jacek Raddatz, Thomas Voigt, Yuki Weber & Sietske J Batenburg
The Aktau succession is located at 44.03°N and 79.30°E in the Ili Basin, south-east Kazakhstan. The dataset contains measurement results from the Middle to early Late Miocene part of the succession (total height: 372 m, lowermost sample: 0.29 m, uppermost sample: 370.94 m). Stable carbon and oxygen istopes and CaSO₄ content were derived from bulk rock measurements. The CaSO₄ content was determined by microwave digestions and ICP-OES analysis. The laser ablation U-Pb data was aquired...
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