List of number of microsatellite repeats for fungus specific locus in stands of Cetraria aculeata, Usnea antarctica and U. aurantiacoatra, supplement to: Lagostina, Elisa; Dal Grande, Francesco; Scur, M; Lorenz, Andrea; Andreev, M; Ruprecht, U; Søchting, U; Sancho, L G; Wirtz, Nora; Rozzi, R; Printzen, Christian (in prep.): Genetic structure and gene flow of three lichens forming fungi in the Maritime Antarctic and southern South America. Journal of Biogeography

Elisa Lagostina
Eight consistently amplifying markers were used for Cetraria aculeata. Samples of Usnea aurantiacoatra and U. antarctica were genotyped using 21 and 22 microsatellites markers, respectively. Detailed information on primers and PCR amplification can be found in Lutsak et al. (2016) and Lagostina et al. (2017). PCR amplicons were electrophoresed using an Applied Biosystems 3730 sequencer, with the LIZ 500 (C. aculeata)or LIZ 600 (Usnea sp.) size standards (Applied Biosystems, Waltham, Mass., USA). Allele sizes were...
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