Microsensor measurements of oxygen concentration profiles, and computer-simulated concentration profiles of oxygen, ammonium and nitrate oxygen in Trichodesmium colonies, supplement to: Klawonn, Isabell; Eichner, Meri J; Wilson, Samuel T; Moradi, Nasrollah; Thamdrup, Bo; Kümmel, Steffen; Gehre, Matthias; Khalili, Arzhang; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Karl, David Michael; Ploug, Helle (2020): Distinct nitrogen cycling and steep chemical gradients in Trichodesmium colonies. The ISME Journal, 14(2), 399-412

Isabell Klawonn, Meri Eichner, Samuel T Wilson, Nasrollah Moradi, Bo Thamdrup, Steffen Kümmel, Matthias Gehre, Arzhang Khalili, Hans-Peter Grossart, Dave Karl & Helle Ploug
Trichodesmium is an important dinitrogen (N~2~)-fixing cyanobacterium in marine ecosystems. Recent nucleic acid analyses indicate that Trichodesmium colonies with their diverse epibionts support various nitrogen (N) transformations beyond N~2~-fixation. However, rates of these transformations and concentration gradients of N-compounds in Trichodesmium colonies remain largely unresolved. We combined isotope-tracer incubations, micro-profiling, and numeric modelling to explore carbon fixation, N-cycling processes, as well as oxygen, ammonium and nitrate concentration gradients in individual field-sampled Trichodesmium colonies. Colonies were...
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