(Table 1) Boron concentrations and isotope ratios together with previously reported chemical and physical parameter in hydrothermal fluids and acid-sulfate fluids

Frederike Kristina Wilckens, Eoghan P Reeves, Wolfgang Bach, A Meixner, Jeffrey S Seewald, Andrea Koschinsky & Simone A Kasemann
a: Previously reported by: Tivey et al., 2006; Craddock et al., 2010; Reeves et al., 2011 ; Seewald et al (2015) for fluids from Manus Basin collected in 2006; Bach et al., 2011 and unpublished data for fluids from the EMVZ collected in 2011 and Schmidt et al., 2017 for vent fluids from Nifonea volcano.
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