Holocene storminess reconstruction based on aeolian sand Influx measured along core F-02, Filsø, Western Denmark, supplement to: Goslin, Jérôme; Gałka, Mariusz; Sander, Lasse; Mokenbusch, Johannes; Thibault, Nicolas; Clemmensen, Lars B (2019): Decadal variability of north-eastern Atlantic storminess at the mid-Holocene: New inferences from a record of wind-blown sand, western Denmark. Global and Planetary Change, 180, 16-32

Jérôme Goslin, Mariusz Gałka, Lasse Sander, Johannes Mokenbusch, Nicolas Thibault & Lars B Clemmensen
Disentangling the external and internal forcing responsible for the variability of the Earth's climate and associated extreme events over the Holocene is crucial for producing reliable scenarios of adaptation to the effects of ongoing climate change. At mid-latitudes, significant relationships between westerly storminess, solar activity and internal atmospheric and oceanic modes of variability have been repeatedly evidenced to exist over millennial and centennial time scales. However, at shorter (decadal) scale, it is still challenging to...
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