Saharan Dust Proxy Record from a Colle Gnifetti Ice Core (KCC), supplement to: Clifford, Heather; Spaulding, Nicole; Kurbatov, Andrei; More, Alexander; Korotkikh, Elena; Sneed, Sharon B; Handley, Kim M; Maasch, Kirk A; Loveluck, Christopher; Chaplin, Joyce; McCormick, Michael; Mayewski, Paul Andrew (2019): A 2000 Year Saharan Dust Event Proxy Record from an Ice Core in the European Alps. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 124(23), 12882-12900

Heather Clifford, Nicole Spaulding, Andrei Kurbatov, Alexander More, Elena Korotkikh, Sharon B Sneed, Kim M Handley, Kirk A Maasch, Christopher Loveluck, Joyce Chaplin, Michael McCormick & Paul Mayewski
Dust events originating from the Saharan desert have far reaching environmental impacts but the causal mechanism of magnitude and occurrence of Saharan dust events (SDEs) during the pre-instrumental era requires further research, particularly as a potential analog for future climate. Using an ultra-high resolution glacio-chemical record from the 2013 Colle Gnifetti (CG) ice core drilled in the Swiss-Italian Alps we reconstructed a 2000 year-long summer Saharan dust record. We analyzed both modern (1780-2006) and pre-modern...
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