Sediment analysis from IODP Hole 356-U1461C, supplement to: Hallenberger, Maximilian; Reuning, Lars; Gallagher, Stephen John; Back, Stefan; Ishiwa, Takeshige; Christensen, Beth A; Bogus, Kara (2019): Increased fluvial runoff terminated inorganic aragonite precipitation on the Northwest Shelf of Australia during the early Holocene. Scientific Reports, 9(1)

Maximilian Hallenberger, Lars Reuning, Stephen John Gallagher, Stefan Back, Takeshige Ishiwa, Beth A Christensen & Kara Bogus
Inorganic precipitation of aragonite is a common process within tropical carbonate environments. Across the Northwest Shelf of Australia (NWS) such precipitates were abundant in the late Pleistocene, whereas present-day sedimentation is dominated by calcitic bioclasts. This study presents sedimentological and geochemical analyses of core data retrieved from the upper 13 meters of IODP Site U1461 that provide a high-resolution sedimentary record of the last ~15 thousand years. Sediments that formed from 15 to 10.1 ka...
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