Trans Isthmus Costa Rica Scientific Exploration of a Crustal Transect - seismic refraction data from profiles p301 and p302 of Maurice Ewing cruise EW9502 with links to sgy data files, supplement to: Martinez-Loriente, Sara; Sallarès, Valenti; Ranero, César R; Ruh, Jonas B; Barckhausen, Udo; Grevemeyer, Ingo; Bangs, N L (2019): Influence of Incoming Plate Relief on Overriding Plate Deformation and Earthquake Nucleation: Cocos Ridge Subduction (Costa Rica). Tectonics, 38(12), 4360-4377

Ingo Grevemeyer, Kirk McIntosh, Manfred R Strecker & Sara Martinez-Loriente
The TICOSECT program aimed to investigate the crustal structure of the active continental margin of Costa Rica and to understand the geodynamic processes within the subduction system. With the help of a comprehensive wide-angle seismic data set, composed of an onshore/offshore experiment as well as refraction measurements on land in northern Costa Rica, the lithospheric structure from the Middle America Trench (MAT) to the Caribbean lowland was surveyed seismically.Here we provide seismic refraction data from...
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