The Arctic Ocean volume, heat and fresh water transports time series from October 2004 to May 2010

Takamasa Tsubouchi, Wilken-Jon von Appen, Ursula Schauer, Torsten Kanzow, Craig Lee, Beth Curry, Laura de Steur, Randi Ingvaldsen & Rebecca A Woodgate
This dataset provides 68 months time series of the Arctic ocean heat and FW transports from October 2004 to May 2010. They are estimated based on large amount of mooring data (around 1,000 moored instrument records) in the Arctic main gateways (Davis Strait, Fram Strait, Barents Sea Opening and Bering Strait) using box inverse model method as described in Tsubouchi et al. (2018).Thus, this dataset quantifies inter-annual variability of ocean volume, heat and FW transports....
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