Calibrated 2m stable water vapor isotope data from EastGRIP site on Greenland Ice Sheet, summer 2019

Hans Christian Steen-Larsen & Sonja Wahl
Stable water vapor isotopologue data (~1Hz) from the 2m level above snow surface. The cavity ring-down spectroscopy instrument used was a Picarro L-2140i. The data was corrected for the humidity-isotope response of the instrument and the measurements referenced to the VSMOW-SLAP scale. The estimated precision is 0.23 ‰ for d18O and 1.4‰ for dD following Steen-Larsen et al. (2013). The measurements span a period from 25.05.2019-29.07.2019. The measurement site was co-located with the EastGRIP ice...
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