Laboratory measurements of food consumption and preference in Haliotis squamata from Bali, Indonesia, under different temperature regimes: Experiment 2 data

Mark Lenz, An Nisa Nurul Suci, Veronika Mitterwallner & Neviaty P Zamani
To test whether food consumption in Haliotis squamata is a function of temperature (Experiment 1), we produced agar-pellets containing Ulva lactuca powder (Xi'an XiaoCao Botanical Development Co., Ltd, China). For the assays, in which we tested whether the diet composition of H. squamata changes with temperature (Experiment 2), fragments of living macroalgae from the Bay of Tidung Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia, were used. We collected specimens of the red macroalga Gracilaria salicornia and algae belonging...
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