Particle flux at mooring sites in the Pacific Ocean (Table 1), supplement to: Kawahata, Hodaka (2002): Suspended and settling particles in the Pacific. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 49(24-25), 5647-5664

Hodaka Kawahata
In order to understand the vertical transport of particulate matter, suspended and settling particles were collected along a meridional transect between 46°N and 35°S and an equatorial longitudinal transect between 135°E and 175°E in the Pacific. The low COrganic/N atomic ratios (<8.2) of suspended particulate organic matter (OM) and good correlation between particulate organic carbon (OC) and chlorophyll-a confirmed that the suspended particulate OM in the surface water was mainly produced by phytoplankton. Only 0.1–3.2%...
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