Drift Towing Ocean Profiler (DTOP) data on sea ice, meteorological conditions and drift of sea ice from buoy 2019V3, deployed during MOSAiC 2019/20

Tao Li, Jialiang Zhu & Linxu Zhai
Vertical profiles of water temperature, pressure and salinity were measured by the Drift Towing Ocean Profiler (DTOP) buoy 2019V3, a.k.a. 2019C, an autonomous platform, installed on drifting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean during MOSAiC (Leg 1) 2019/20. The resulting time series describes the vertical profile of the ocean below the sea ice as a function of place and time between 07 October 2019 and 03 August 2020 in sample intervals of 12 hours. In...
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