Abundances and indices for soil microbial biomarkers (brGDGTs and isoGDGTs) in eleven soil profiles along a Serengeti transect

Mark D Peaple, Sarah J Feakins, Jessica E Tierney, Naomi E Levin, Christoph Häggi, Emily J Beverly, Samantha Baker & Brittany Garza
Soil profiles were collected along a transect across the Serengeti ecosystem, in Tanzania from 2-3S and 34-35.5E, 1153 to 1677 m above sea level and 0 to 1.6 m soil depth. The samples are modern soils and the temporal span of the soil depth profiles is unconstrained, likely centuries to millennia. The survey is intended to observe soil microbial lipid biomarkers that are commonly used as proxies for temperature and pH and to assess their...
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