Standardized grain size data of sediment core EN18208 from Lake Sysy-Kyuele (Yakutia, Russia)

Boris K Biskaborn, Gregor Pfalz, Stuart Andrew Vyse, Bernhard Diekmann, Andrei A Andreev, Norbert R Nowaczyk, Birgit Heim, Mareike Wieczorek, Luidmila A Pestryakova & Ulrike Herzschuh
This data set is part of a larger data harmonization effort to make lake sediment core data machine readable and comparable. Here we standardized grain size element data of sediment core EN18208, retrieved in 2018 from Lake Ilirney (Chukotka, Russia) at 10.76 m water depth. The glacial lake Ilirney is situated in the forest tundra mountain area and has one outflow, one main inflow and several smaller inflows. It lies at an elevation of ca....
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