Images of ground vegetation at 58 sites in Central and Eastern Yakutia, in Summer 2021 (RU-Land_2021_Yakutia)

Laura Schild, Stefan Kruse, Birgit Heim, Amelie Stieg, Barbara von Hippel, Josias Gloy, Viktor Smirnikov, Nils Töpfer, Elena I Troeva, Luidmila A Pestryakova & Ulrike Herzschuh
Vegetation surveys were carried out in four different study areas in the Sakha Republic, Russia: in the mountainous region of the Verkhoyansk Range within the Oymyakonsky and Tomponsky District (Event EN21-201 - EN21-219), and in three lowland regions of Central Yakutia within the Churapchinsky, Tattinsky and the Megino-Kangalassky District (Event EN21220 - EN21264). The study area is located within the boreal forest biome that is underlain by permafrost soils. The aim was to record the...
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