Selection of representative datasets for data compression investigations

Marco Stampanoni
Al8Fe_10x_: Al alloy sample (Data courtesy: Julie Fife, Paul Scherrer Institut) B007_1_17p5keVb: Zr oxide sample (Sample courtesy: Sousan Abolhassani-Dadras, Paul Scherrer Institut) JC62d: microfossil (Data courtesy: John Cunningham, Univ. Bristol) PD1511_41_: Helicoforamina wenganica from the Ediaracan Doushantuo Formation at 54 Quarry, Weng'an County, Guizhou Province, South China (Data courtesy: Philip Donoghue, Univ. Bristol) S174482_20x_B1: fossil fruit (Data courtesy: Else Marie Friis, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm) drying_2: drying porous catalyst structure (Data courtesy: Vladimir...
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