Pursuit eye movements in dyslexic children: evidence for an immaturity of brain oculomotor structures?

Simona Caldani, Christophe-Loïc Gerard, Hugo Peyre & Maria Pia Bucci
Background: Dyslexia is a disorder found in 5–10% of school-aged children. Several studies reported visual deficits and oculomotor abnormalities in dyslexic children. The objective of our study was to examine horizontal pursuit performance in dyslexic children, despite its poor involvement in reading. Methods: Eye movements were recorded by video-oculography in 92 children (46 dyslexic children, mean age: 9.77 ± 0.26 and 46 non dyslexic, IQ- and age-matched children). Both the number of catch-up saccades occurring...
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