Microsaccade characterization using the continuous wavelet transform and principal component analysis

Kliegl, Reinhold; University Of Potsdam, Bettenbühl, Mario; University Of Potsdam, Paladini, Claudia; University Of Potsdam, Holschneider, Matthias; University Of Potsdam, Engbert, Ralf; University Of Potsdam & Mergenthaler, Konstantin; University Of Potsdam
During visual fixation on a target, humans perform miniature (or fixational) eye movements consisting of three components, i.e., tremor, drift, and microsaccades. Microsaccades are high velocity components with small amplitudes within fixational eye movements. However, microsaccade shapes and statistical properties vary between individual observers. Here we show that microsaccades can be formally represented with two significant shapes which we identfied using the mathematical definition of singularities for the detection of the former in real data...
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