Spoken language-mediated anticipatory eye-movements are modulated by reading ability - Evidence from Indian low and high literates

Pandey, Aparna; University Of Allahabad, India, Huettig, Falk; Max Planck Institute For Psycholinguistics & Radboud University, Nijmegen, Singh, Niharika; University Of Allahabad, India & Mishra, Ramesh K.; University Of Allahabad, India
We investigated whether levels of reading ability attained through formal literacy are related to anticipatory language-mediated eye movements. Indian low and high literates listened to simple spoken sentences containing a target word (e.g., "door") while at the same time looking at a visual display of four objects (a target, i.e. the door, and three distractors). The spoken sentences were constructed in such a way that participants could use semantic, associative, and syntactic information from adjectives...
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