Comparing scanpaths during scene encoding and recognition: A multi-dimensional approach

Jarodzka, Halszka; Centre For Learning Sciences, Heerlen, The Netherlands, Dewhurst, Richard; Humanities Lab, Lund University, Sweden, Nyström, Marcus; Humanities Lab, Lund University, Sweden, Johansson, Roger; Humanities Lab, Lund University, Sweden, Underwood, Geoffrey; School Of Psychology, University Of Nottingham, UK, Foulsham, Tom; Department Of Psychology, University Of Essex, UK & Holmqvist, Kenneth; Humanities Lab, Lund University, Sweden
Complex stimuli and tasks elicit particular eye movement sequences. Previous research has focused on comparing between these scanpaths, particularly in memory and imagery research where it has been proposed that observers reproduce their eye movements when recognizing or imagining a stimulus. However, it is not clear whether scanpath similarity is related to memory performance and which particular aspects of the eye movements recur. We therefore compared eye movements in a picture memory task, using a...
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