Investigating the Spatial Pattern of Older Drivers’ Eye Fixation Behaviour and Associations with Their Visual Capacity

Falkmer, Torbjörn; Curtin University, Australia Linköping University, Sweden La Trobe University, Australia, Lee, Hoe; Curtin University, Australia, Sun, Qian; Department Of Spatial Sciences, Curtin University, Australia & Xia, Jianhong (Cecilia); Curtin University, Australia
Visual capacity generally declines as people age, yet its impact on visual search patterns along different road sections of actual driving still remains undocumented. In this on-road driving study, we simultaneously recorded 30 older drivers’ eye movement and precise vehicle movement trajectories. The vehicle positions were linked to every eye fixation of individual drivers so that we know the locations of a driver's gaze origin in geospatial coordinates. Spatial distribution pattern of drivers’ eye fixations...
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