Charlotte Thålin, Sebastian Havervall, Ulrika Marking, Nina Greilert-Norin, Kim Blom, Max Gordon, Jonas Klingström, Peter Nilsson, Sophia Hober, Mia Phillipson, Sara Mangsbo & Mikael Åberg
The COMMUNITY pandemic surveillance cohort is a longitudinal cohort study including 2149 healthcare workers and 118 COVID-19 patients. Dataset includes: 1. Serological data at baseline April-May 2020 and at follow-up every four month (ongoing). 2. Data on memory T cell responses 3. Register data from Swedish vaccination register (VAL Vaccinera) and national communicable diseases register SmiNet (Public Health Agency of Sweden). 3. Self-reported symptoms compatible with COVID-19 since 1 January 2020, occupation, work location and...
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