Simultaneous visualization of DNA loci in single cells by combinatorial multi-color iFISH (Dataset 4: miFISH with one dual-color probe AT647N-AT542 and two single-color probes AF594 and AF488)

Ana Faustino Mota, Maud Schweitzer & Magda Bienko
We performed a single colour experiment where one probe with alternated colours (AT542-AT647N) was tested together with other two probes in different colours located in distinct genomic sites. There are 1 probe with AF488 dye, 1 probe with AT542, 1 probe with AF594 and 1 probe with AT647N.
Experiment Imaging Method: epifluorescence microscopy
Protocol Name: iFISH protocol

Each dataset consists of multiple fields of view (FOVs) that were acquired with seven different dyes (AF488 labeled as ‘a488’; AT542...
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