Single Cell Smart-Seq 3 RNA-Seq and Bulk Exome Seq from Breast Cancer Patients

Seong-Hwan Jun, Hosein Toosi, Jeff Mold, Camilla Engblom, Xinsong Chen, Ciara O’Flanagan, Michael Hagemann-Jensen, Rickard Sandberg, Johan Hartman, Samuel Aparicio, Andrew Roth & Jens Lagergren
Data Set Description
Single cell RNA sequencing (Samrt-Seq3) and Whole exome sequencing from multiple regions of individual tumors from Breast Cancer patients and also single cell RNA seq for two ovarian cancer cell lines.
The dataset contains raw sequencing data for various high-throughput molecular tests performed on two sample types: tumor samples from two breast cancer patients and cell lines derived from High-grade serous carcinoma Patients.

The breast cancer data comes from two patients: patient 1 (BCSA1)...
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