Inflammatory Immune Responses and Gut Microbiota Changes Following Campylobacter coli Infection of IL-10 -/- Mice with Chronic Colitis

Markus M. Heimesaat, Claudia Genger, Nina Biesemeier, Sigri Klove, Dennis Weschka, Soraya Mousavi & Stefan Bereswill
Human infections with the food-borne enteropathogens Campylobacter are progressively rising. Recent evidence revealed that pre-existing intestinal inflammation facilitates enteropathogenic infection subsequently exacerbating the underlying disease. Given that only little is known about C. coli-host interactions and particularly during intestinal inflammation, the aim of the present study was to survey gastrointestinal colonization properties, gut microbiota changes and pro-inflammatory sequelae upon peroral C. coli-infection of IL-10-/- mice with chronic colitis. C. coli colonized the gastrointestinal tract of...
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