Table 1

C. Adloff, V. Andreev, B. Andrieu, T. Anthonis, V. Arkadov, A. Astvatsatourov, A. Babaev, J. Bahr, P. Baranov, E. Barrelet, W. Bartel, P. Bate, A. Beglarian, O. Behnke, C. Beier, A. Belousov, T. Benisch, C. Berger, T. Berndt, J.C. Bizot, V. Boudry, W. Braunschweig, V. Brisson, H.B. Broker, D.P. Brown … & M. Zur Nedden
DESY-HERA. Measurement of the inclusive production of D*(2010)+- mesons in DIS of 27.5 GeV positrons and 820 GeV protons with a centre of mass energy of 300 GeV. The data were taken during the 1996 and 1997 HERA running periods and have an integrated luminosity of 18.6 pb-1. Numerical values were supplied by P. Schleper.
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